Introducing Beltone’s Newest Technology; The Beltone Promise™

The Promise™ recognizes different listening environments that you encounter throughout your day and the hearing devices communicate with each other to automatically self-adjust to produce the clearest most natural sound possible.

Exciting New Features:

· Ear-to-Ear Synchronization – To give you the smoothest and most natural sound when transitioning from a quiet environment to a noisy one.

· Cross Link Directionality – Optimizes the signal giving you the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing listening environment including noisy situations. (available on Promise 17 only)

· Wireless Connection – Stream clear sounds wirelessly directly from your TV, Radio, PC, Phone, iPod® and more into your hearing aid. Beltone’s myPAL can also stream someone’s voice directly into your hearing aids.

Talking on the phone is fun again; the Promise™ will automatically reduce the volume in the hearing aid that is on the non-phone ear to suppress background noise in the room. Our new technology also offers environmental intelligence for all listening situations, so you choose what you want to listen to, allowing you to fully engage in social environments.

Start making better memories with the Beltone Promise™. Call today to schedule your Free in-office test drive! (800) 738-7113.

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