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Hearing Aid Batteries

Disposable hearing aid batteries are color-coded to help you replenish the correct size for your hearing instrument. The hearing aid batteries are activated once the colored tab is removed (remove the tab only when you are ready to use the battery). These hearing aid batteries are universal and fit virtually any manufacturer's hearing instruments. If you have any questions regarding which hearing aid battery is the right one for your hearing device, click here to contact us today, or click here to find the location closest to you. Beltone New England has locations throughout Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), Vermont ( VT ) and Maine ( ME ).

Hearing Aid Battery Size and Tab Color Chart

Size 10 batteries (yellow tab)

Size 312 batteries (brown tab)

Size 13 batteries (orange tab)

Size 675 batteries (blue tab)

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries and Instruments

Beltone is now offering a rechargeable hearing aid solution. Click here for more details.

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