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Return Policy

Hearing aids carry a 30-day (45-day in VT) return period from the delivery date. If not fully satisfied with the hearing aid (s) purchase, the buyer has the right to cancel the sale of a hearing aid(s) during the 30-day (45-day in VT) return period. The dispenser may retain a restocking fee (varies by state) to cover dispensing fees in making and returning a hearing device. Following the 30-day (45-day in VT) return period of a hearing aid(s) sale, no refunds will be issued. All hearing aid(s) must be returned in the same condition they were issued to the purchaser, ordinary wear and tear accepted.

Addendum for the State of Maine:

The buyer has a right to cancel a hearing aid(s) transaction within sixty (60) days of the date of delivery if the buyer consults an Audiologist or licensed Physician who in writing specifies that the hearing aid(s) is not advisable, also states the medical reason(s) why.

Addendum for the State of Vermont:

Any consumer who orders a hearing aid(s) shall receive a refund of the full product price of the hearing aid (except for the cost of ear molds and service*) up to 45 days from the date of delivery if in the opinion of the consumer, the aid is not satisfactory. If a return aid is damaged while in the possession of the consumer, the amount refunded shall be reduced by the reasonable amount of the damage.

*"Cost of Service" is defined by the actual cost of the service provided to fit the hearing aid, but shall not exceed 5% of the total sale price.

Addendum for the State of Connecticut:

Any buyer who orders a hearing aid and leaves a deposit of $100 or more with the seller shall be entitled to cancel such order and demand a full refund of such deposit, less any examination costs, if the buyer is unable to inspect the hearing aid(s) at the seller's place of business within forty-five (45) days after the date the seller receives the deposit.

Warranty Policy

The manufacturer warrants the hearing aid(s) for a period of time determined at the point of sale and is based on the specific item to be purchased in relation to the company manufacturing the hearing aid(s). The warranty of any hearing aid(s) begins on the date the purchaser takes delivery of the hearing aid(s).

Beltone New England guarantees to make all necessary repairs and replacements without charge to original purchaser that take place within a Beltone New England office. Any repairs requiring shipping to a manufacturer facility may cause the purchaser to incur costs for repair. The in-office complimentary repair does not cover cords, batteries, earmolds, nor does it cover damage or breakage caused by tampering, misuse, or carelessness.

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire In-home Purchases Only:

If any hearing aid(s) is purchased within a home environment, or was consummated at any place other than the Beltone New England office environment, the transaction may be cancelled no later than midnight of the third business day following the signing of the purchase agreement.

How to file a complaint in the State of Maine:

If you wish to register a complaint regarding any purchase within the State of Maine, please write to the office you purchased from, or The State of Maine , Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Board of Hearing and Dealers/Fitters, State House Station 35, Augusta, Maine 04333-0035. Phone : 207-624-8660 OR

How to file a complaint in the state of New Hampshire:

Complaints, which arise with respect to a current transaction, may be submitted in writing to Consumer Protection Division of Attorney General, Concord, NH OR by calling 603-271-3641.


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