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Beltone’s Leasing Program allows you to “keep your savings in your savings” 

We are excited to offer our patients an even more convenient way to get hearing aids. Now, with the Beltone Leasing Program, you can hold on to more of your savings and still get the best technology with low monthly payments! You can truly “keep your savings in your savings!”

3 Great Reasons to Lease Hearing Aids:

1. Enjoy Affordable, fixed low monthly payments. This means that you can budget your hearing aid purchase with your monthly finances, without the need to tap into your savings and pay for it all at once. Make the cost of better hearing a reality, without the worry of the monthly amount ever changing.

2. Always have the best technology and care! When you choose to lease your Beltone hearing aids, you will ensure that you will always have the best hearing aid technology available. In our leasing program, you are automatically eligible to upgrade your hearing aids every 36 months!  That’s right, even before your four-year lease is up you can upgrade to better technology. Ask us for more details on this great feature!

3. Receive great warranty coverage. The leasing program provides you peace of mind in knowing that your hearing aids are always in warranty and are covered for four years.

Think a lease may be right for you? Allow us to review your leasing options with you.  Schedule and appointment to learn more today!