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Beltone Amaze

The Beltone Amaze™ a groundbreaking hearing aid can fit mild to severe hearing losses and comes in every hearing aid style to ensure there’s a right fit for everyone. Here are some of its most amazing features:

Fully Rechargeable

This fully rechargeable hearing aid charges right in its portable case and lasts up to 30 hours on a full charge. Say goodbye to buying tiny disposable batteries – better for you and better for the environment! This is a great solution for those with dexterity issues or anyone tired of spending additional money on hearing aid batteries. For additional convenience, a quick charge of only 30 minutes will last you up to 8 hours before you have to charge it again ensuring you never miss a thing!

Natural Sound

Conversation has never sounded so natural and clear with the Beltone Amaze. This revolutionary product reduces background noise and makes hearing in social settings a breeze. Enjoy restaurants again with enhanced features to make hearing speech clearer than ever before.

Stream Phone Calls and Music

Stream phone calls and your favorite music effortlessly from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids! You’ll love the convenience of better hearing while enjoying your day-to-day activities.

Beltone HearMax App

Our free downloadable app allows you to discreetly control your hearing aid settings, adjust volume, check battery life, switch programs, and request professional remote care from your hearing care provider – right from your smartphone!

Remote Care – Professional Care No Matter Where You Go

With the help of our Beltone HearMax app and Remote Care, easily send a request to your hearing care provider and receive new hearing aid settings with a simple tap on your phone – all without the need for an office visit! Now you can have your hearing aids adjusted no matter where you are, so you can always hear your best even if you can’t make it into the office.