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Benefits Check

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of My Hearing Aids? 

You may have coverage that will pay for part or the total cost of hearing aids. Beltone is proud to offer a FREE Benefits Check to determine if you have eligible coverage from your insurance that would help with the cost of hearing aids. Many people are not aware of eligible hearing aid benefits that they are entitled to and as a result may pay more out of pocket than they need to. 

Don’t miss out on any hearing aid benefit that you may have! We can check to see if you have coverage that can be applied to the cost of hearing aids. Individual coverage varies by insurance plan, so it is important to see what you’re specifically entitled to.

In addition to checking for applicable insurance benefits, we will also check if your employer or union offers a benefit as well. Spouses or loved ones may be eligible for these benefits also depending on the particular plan. Allow us to check for you, call us today for an appointment
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