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Older Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Do you need support for your Beltone hearing aids?  When you purchased your Beltone hearing aids, you may have been entitled to BelCare™ lifetime care of your hearing aids. This after... Read More

Beltone Boost Ultra

Beltone is right beside you and has a powerful solution specifically made for those with profound hearing losses. The Beltone Boost Ultra, is a high-powered hearing aid that can be fit on those with e... Read More

Beltone Amaze

The Beltone Amaze™ a groundbreaking hearing aid can fit mild to severe hearing losses and comes in every hearing aid style to ensure there’s a right fit for everyone. ! Here are some of its m... Read More

Hearing Aid Styles

Beltone offers a large variety of hearing aid options to fit your specific hearing needs. Such as custom fit styles that will mold to your specific ear canal shape to more open fitting styles that all... Read More

Hearing Aids

About Beltone   Beltone has been a leader in hearing since 1940. It all began with founder Sam Posen setting out to create a new hearing device that would help a dear friend hear b... Read More

Testing Results

Many people ask the question, “what happens after I get my hearing tested?” This is a great question!  After getting your hearing tested, you will immediately have your results of your hearin... Read More

What to Expect During a Hearing Test

At Beltone, our hearing testing is simple and completely painless. When you choose Beltone for your hearing testing, you can expect that our caring professionals will be right beside you every step of... Read More

Dangers of Untreated Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, many people put off getting a hearing test until they start to notice an obvious change in their hearing. Sadly, just getting a simple hearing test may have been delayed for years becau... Read More

Why Get Tested & Warning Signs

Why Should I  Get My Hearing  Tested? Early detection of a hearing loss is key! It is important to know where you stand with your hearing as it may affect your overall health since hearing loss ca... Read More

Welcome to Beltone Hearing Aid Centers

Helping the world hear better since 1940! Beltone is proud to be the most trusted name in hearing aids! Our dedicated staff of Licensed Hearing Care Practitioners, Audiologists, and Patient Care Coord... Read More
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